Work Programme

Work Programme of AALCO

The AALCO since its inception has worked on a wide range of area of international law-law of diplomatic relations, extradition law, treatment of foreign nationals, state immunity and commercial transactions, issues of the law of the sea, Indian Ocean as a zone of peace, dual citizenship, ionosphere sovereignty, divorce laws, free legal aid, ILC's continuing agenda items, legality of nuclear tests, conflict of laws in international sales, double tax avoidance, law of treaties, Afro-Asian view of the UN Charter, Vienna Conventions of diplomatic and consular relations, Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, law of outer space, principles of peaceful coexistence, law of international rivers, South West Africa cases, uniform transport law, legal advisory services in foreign offices, environmental law, territorial asylum, succession of States in respect of treaties, reciprocal assistance in respect of economic offences, issues of international trade law, regional cooperation and New International Economic Order, legal framework for joint ventures in industrial sector, mutual assistance in criminal matters, debt relief etc.


  • Matters Relating to the Work of the International Law Commission
  • The Law of the Sea
  • The Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Expressions of Folklore and its International Protection
  • The Status and Treatment of Refugees
  • Violations of International Law in Palestine and Other Occupied Territories by Israel and Other International Legal Issues related to the Question of Palestine
  • Legal Protection of Migrant Workers
  • Extraterritorial Application of National Legislation: Sanctions Imposed Against Third Parties
  • Violent Extremism and Terrorism (Legal Aspects)
  • Establishing Cooperation Against Trafficking in Women and Children
  • The International Criminal Court: Recent Developments
  • An Effective International Legal Instrument Against Corruption
  • International Law in Cyberspace
  • The Work of UNCITRAL and Other International Organizations in the Field of International Trade Law
  • The WTO as a Framework Agreement and Code of Conduct for World Trade
  • Managing Global Financial Crises: Sharing of Experience
  • Human Rights in Islam
  • Peaceful Settlement of Disputes
  • Asset Recovery Expert Forum
  • Legal Issues in Outer Space

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