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Procedure for Membership

Membership of the Organization is open to all Asian and African States desirous of participating in the Organization in accordance with its Statutes and Statutory Rules (Article 2(3) of the Statutes). Any such State desirous of membership has to address a written communication to the Secretary-General of the AALCO intimating its desire to participate in the Organization and stating its acceptance of the Statutes and Statutory Rules. The communication when received is circulated among the Member Governments with a request for submission of their comments within a period of six weeks. Unless objections are received from not less than one-third of the total membership of the Organization, the State concerned is thereafter declared admitted as a Member State.


Admission of Participating State (Rule 4 of the Statutory Rules)

The Organization may by a decision supported by two-third majority of the Participating States admit the Participation of an Asian or African State, if such a State by a written communication addressed to the Secretary-General of the Organization intimates its desire to participate in the Organization and its acceptance of the Statutes and the Rules framed thereunder. Such decision may be taken either by means of a resolution adopted in any of its sessions or by circulation if the period between the date of such application for admission and the next session exceeds two months. In the latter case, the responses of the Participating States should be given within six weeks. If no response is received from any Participating State within the stipulated period, it shall be assumed that the concerned Participating State has no objection to the admission of the applicant State. The result will be communicated by the Secretary-General both to the Participating States and to the applicant State.


Admission of Associate Participating States (Rule 5 of the Statutory Rules)

The Organization may admit any other Asian-African State as an Associate Participating State.

The procedure for admission of Associate Participating State will be the same as for the Participating State.

The Associate Member may attend the Session of the Organization and address the Organization but shall not be entitled to vote.