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Pursuant to its mandate for wider dissemination of information, on the practice and developments in relation to areas of International Law in the Bandung Spirit of Cooperation, manuscripts are invited for Volume 12 (2024) of the AALCO Journal of International Law. The AALCO Journal of International Law accepts manuscripts year-round and considers manuscripts not selected for the current volume for future volumes unless withdrawn by the contributor.

The AALCO Journal of International Law (formerly bearing titles of ‘Quarterly Bulletin’, ‘AALCO Bulletin’ and ‘AALCO Quarterly Bulletin’) publishes articles on contemporary themes in International Law, often dedicating certain issues to specific themes in International Law. Bearing in mind the wide scope of the relevant events impacting International Law that took place in the past one year, the present volume would be focused on relevant contemporary issues in Public International Law.

Uniquely placed, as the only legal inter-governmental organization to which the Third World States are active members, the AALCO benefits from the experience and guidance of the most renowned scholars in the field from the region such as Professor Shinya Murase, Mr. Narinder Singh and Professor Jamshid Momtaz.

With the objective of dissemination of International Law and promoting scholarship in the field I take immense pleasure in inviting submissions to the annual publication of the AALCO Journal of International Law in the form of research articles and notes; from academia, members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, judges, advocates and solicitors, members of civil society organizations, legal advisers, professors, and students of International Law in conformity with the Guidelines of the AALCO Journal of International Law (2018).

Please note that views expressed in the articles and notes shall be those of the respective authors and are not necessarily the views of the Board of Editors or of the AALCO Member States. Copyright for submissions selected to be published shall exclusively vest with the AALCO Journal of International Law.  



The Guidelines of the AALCO Journal of International Law is statement of the editorial policy of the Board of Editors along with the contribution guidelines containing practical information to be adhered to in the submission of manuscripts. At the outset, it is made clear that only original articles on contemporary topics of International law shall be selected, and the decision of the Editor in Chief, of the AALCO Journal of International Law shall be final in this regard.

The AALCO Journal of International Law has regularly published the works of academics and experts in the field of International Law, and has placed an equal importance on theoretical and empirical methods of research in International Law. Each issues contains Articles, Notes and Current Developments on contemporary issues, strives to foster debate on a variety of topics that are pertinent to developing countries in the international legal discourse.

Submission of the manuscripts and correspondence must be addressed to aalcojournal@aalco.int, and must be made in strict conformity with the following guidelines:-


  • The article should be preceded by an abstract of maximum 500 words. 
  • The submissions should be accompanied by a declaration that it is an original work of the author and that it has not been published, submitted or accepted elsewhere. Copyright of articles and other contributions published in the AALCO Journal of International Law is vested in the journal and its contributors. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process without written permission. Inquiries should be directed to the Editors. 
  • The manuscript should be submitted in the Georgia font. Font should be justified, with size 12 for the body of the text and size 10 for the footnotes. The text of the body should be double spaced and footnotes should be single spaced. The name of the author and page numbers should be provided in the header of the document, and layout margin of 1 inch (2.54 cm) should be maintained uniformly in the manuscript.  
  • Spellings should follow the British standard in conformity with the Oxford English Dictionary. 
  • Referencing style should conform to the Oxford Standard Citation for Legal Authorities, (4th Edition), 2006 (OSCOLA) available in full at:

    https://www.law.ox.ac.uk/sites/default/files/migrated/oscola_2006.pdf ; and


for quick reference at: 



for international law sources at:



  • Only recognized abbreviations may be used in accordance with the Cardiff Index on Legal Abbreviations available at: http://www.legalabbrevs.cardiff.ac.uk/