Post 51st Annual Session Documents

  1. Verbatim Record of 51st Annual Session, 2012
  2. Summary Report for 51st Annual Session-Nigeria-2012
  3. Final Resolutions

Organizational Matters 

RES/51/ORG 1      Report of Secretary-General on Organizational, Administrative and Financial Matters

RES/51/ORG 1A    Revision of AALCO’s Gratuity Scheme for the Locally Recruited Staff

RES/51/ORG 2      AALCO's Budget for the Year 2013

RES/51/ORG 2A  Sub-Committee on the AALCO Secretariat’s Human   Resources and Financial Matters

RES/51/ORG 3      Report on the AALCO’s Regional Arbitration Centres

RES/51/ORG 4      Report on the Centre for Research and Training of the AALCO

RES/51/ORG 5      Reappointment of the Secretary-General 


Substantive Matters

RES/51/S 3    The Status and Treatment of Refugees

RES/51/S 4   The Deportation of Palestinians and Other Israeli Practices Among Them the Massive Immigration and Settlement of Jews in All Occupied Territories in Violation of International Law Particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949

RES/51/S 5     The Legal Protection of Migrant Workers

RES/51/S 6     Extra-Territorial Application of National Legislation: Sanctions Imposed Against Third Parties

RES/51/S 8      Establishing Cooperation Against Trafficking in Women and Children 

RES/51/S 9      International Criminal Court: Recent Developments  

RES/51/S 10     Environment and Sustainable Development

RES/51/S 11   Challenges in Combating Corruption: The Role of the United Nations Convention against Corruption

RES/51/S 12   Report on the Work of UNCITRAL and other International Organization concerned with International Trade Law

RES/51/S 13    WTO as a Framework Agreement and Code of Conduct for World Trade

RES/51/S 14    Expressions of Folklore and its International Protection

RES/51/SP 1   Resolution on the Special Meeting on “Selected Items on the Agenda of the International Law Commission”

RES/51/SP 2   Resolution on the Special Meeting on “Law of the Sea: Responses to Piracy: International Legal Challenges”

RES/51/SP 3    Resolution on the Special Meeting on “International Terrorism”