Contents 2003


I.         Agenda of the Session

II.        Bureau of the Session  

III.       Inaugural Session  

 (i)      Opening Statement by H. E. Amb. Mr. T. A. B. Shodipo, Director, Consular

          and Legal Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Republic of Nigeria

           on behalf of the President of the Forty-first Session 

(ii)     Welcome Address by the Secretary-General of AALCO Amb. H.E.  Dr. Wafik Z. Kamil  

(iii)     Inaugural Address by H. E. Mr. Goh Kun,Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea 

(iv)    Vote of thanks by Mr. Narinder Singh, Legal Adviser and Joint Secretary,

         Ministry of External Affairs, India 

(v)     Message from the President of the Forty-first Session Senator Kanu G. Agabi (SAN) 


IV.     Summary Records of the Meetings of the Delegations of AALCO Member States held during the Forty-Second Session 

(i)         First Meeting, held on 16th June  2003 

(ii)        Written Comments on Report of the Secretary -General’s submitted 

            by the Republic of Korea  

(iii)       Second Meeting, held on 20th June 2003 

V.      Summary Records of the General Meetings held during the 

          Forty-second Session  

(i)      First General Meeting, held on 16th June 2003          

(a)   General Statements 

(ii)     Second General Meeting, held on 17th June 2003     

(a)   General Statements (contd.) 

(b)   Report on the Matters relating to the work of the ILC at its 

       54th Session 

(iii)    Third General Meeting, held on 17th June 2003        

(a) The International Criminal Court: Recent Developments 

(b) An Effective International Legal Instrument Against Corruption 

(iv)    Fourth General Meeting, held on 19th June 2003        

(a)        Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Properties 

(b)       Establishing Cooperation against Trafficking in Women and Children 

(c)        Deportation of Palestinians and other Israeli Practices Among them

                        the Massive Immigration and Settlement of Jews in All Occupied

                        Territories in Violation of International Law particularly the Fourth

                        Geneva Convention of 1949. 

(v)     Fifth General Meeting, held on 19th June 2003 

(a) Human Rights in Islam 

(b) WTO as a Framework Agreement and Code of Conduct for the 

     World Trade 

(c) Environment and Sustainable Development 

(d) Report on AALCO’s Regional Arbitration Centres 

(vi)    Sixth General Meeting (Concluding Session), held on 20th June2003  

(a)  Message of Thanks to the President of the Republic of Korea 

(b)  Statement by the Leader of the Delegation of Malaysia, 

                   Hon’ble Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail,the Attorney-General 

                   of Malaysia on behalf of the Asian Member States 

(c)  Statement by the Leader of the Delegation of Tanzania,

                  Mr. Johnson P. Mwanyika on behalf of the African Member States 

(d)  Statement of H. E. Amb. Mr. Othman Jerandi Observer 

from Tunisia on behalf of the participating Non-Member States 

(e)  Statement of H. E. Amb. Mr. Chesuei Yamada on behalf 

                   of participating International Organizations 

(f)  Statement of Thanks by H. E. Mr. Ali Musaed Ali Al Dhabibi

      the Leader of Delegation of Kuwait 

                        g) Closing statement by Hon’ble  Ms. Janat B. Mukwaya,

                            Vice-President of the Forty-second Session

                        (h)  Statement by Hon’ble Prof. Dr. Yusril Ihza Mahendra,

                              Minister for Justice and Human Rights, Indonesia

                              welcoming the Delegations for the Forty-third session

                              to be held in Bali, Indonesia in 2004

                        (i)  Concluding statement by H. E. Amb. Mr. Young-jin

                              Choi, President of the Forty-second Session     

VI.     Texts of the Documents adopted at the Forty-second Session 

                         Summary Report  

(i)      Summary Report of the Forty-second session of the Asian-African 

         Legal Consultative Organization and Special Meeting on “The Relevance 

         of International Humanitarian Law in Today’s Armed Conflicts” 


(ii)      Resolutions on Organizational, Administrative and Financial Matters 

(iii)     Resolutions on Substantive Matters 

(iv)     Seoul Resolution on the Relevance of International Humanitarian

         Law in Today’s Armed Conflicts. 

VII.  List of Participants