Work Programme

The current work-programme of the Organization includes the following topics:

♦ Matters Relating to the Work of the International Law Commission

♦ The Law of the Sea

♦ The Environment and Sustainable Development

♦ Expressions of Folklore and its International Protection

♦ The Status and Treatment of Refugees

♦Violations of International Law in Palestine and Other Occupied Territories by Israel and Other International Legal Issues related to the Question of Palestine

♦ Legal Protection of Migrant Workers

♦ Extraterritorial Application of National Legislation: Sanctions Imposed Against Third Parties

♦ Violent Extremism and Terrorism (Legal Aspects)

♦ Establishing Cooperation Against Trafficking in Women and Children

♦ The International Criminal Court: Recent Developments

♦ An Effective International Legal Instrument Against Corruption

♦ International Law in Cyberspace

♦ The Work of UNCITRAL and Other International Organizations in the Field of International Trade Law

♦ The WTO as a Framework Agreement and Code of Conduct for World Trade

♦ Managing Global Financial Crises: Sharing of Experience

♦ Human Rights in Islam

♦ Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

♦ Asset Recovery Expert Forum

♦ Legal Issues in Outer Space