AALCO Library


AALCO Library


The AALCO Library, which is an indispensable unit of the AALCO Secretariat, has been designed and developed as a specific research and reference center on International Law, focusing on the Asian-African region.

The Library contains a wide collection of books/reports on International Law. The collection is diverse and substantial from the organizational point of view - ranging from Journals in International Law, relevant books in various areas of international law, the AALCO Yearbook, seminar/workshop reports, and Special Studies of the AALCO Secretariat. Currently, the Library maintains a collection of five thousand printed materials.

The collection is also computerized, including several of the AALCO Special Studies, so users can access the information of the library holdings easily.

The Secretariat brings out regular publications/research studies covering its activities. These publications include Annual Reports, Special Meeting Reports, Verbatim Record of the Meetings held and the AALCO Journal of International Law. The Secretariat also publishes Reports containing Seminar Presentations/Articles and commemorative volumes from time to time. All the publications are widely circulated and are also available at the Secretariat.

The AALCO Journal of International Law is published annually by the Secretariat.

The AALCO Yearbook, which is a key publication of AALCO, covers the entire work of the Organization completed during a given year, including the statements of the Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretaries General delivered at various events and meetings.

The AALCO Library is open to the staff of the AALCO Secretariat, and to AALCO’s Member States and their Missions in New Delhi.

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