Internship at AALCO

Internship at AALCO 

1.     Overview

The Secretariat of the Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO), invites applications from students from the Member States who have completed courses either in International Law or International Relations to participate in its internship program organized by the Centre for Research and Training (CRT) at its Headquarters in New Delhi, India.  

It offers a one of a kind opportunity to the students of its Member States to get an inside look into the function of an Inter-Governmental Organization that according to its mandate works exclusively to foster partnership and cooperation for the codification and progressive development of International Law.

In addition, for the successful completion of the internship program and grant of certificate attesting the same, the Secretariat requires interns to prepare a written work of publishable quality under the supervision of a Legal Officer at the Headquarters of AALCO designated at the first day of the internship. The candidate may also be required to make a brief presentation defending their research conclusions, and actively participate in deliberations and answer questions relating to his/her topic. Apart from this the intern shall also be expected to assist in the regular work of the AALCO Secretariat, which shall be allocated on an ad-hoc basis depending on the requirements at the time.

The Secretariat reserves the right to withhold the certificate of completion and cancel the internship of a candidate at any time during the internship should it find commission of misrepresentation, plagiarism, unauthorized absence from work (except for genuine reasons such as bereavement/medical reasons), disorderly behavior or non-delivery on assigned tasks in a satisfactory manner.  The topic of the research shall be decided on the first day of internship in consultation with the designate internship coordinator and supervising Legal Officer depending on the interest of the candidate and topics on the agenda of AALCO. 

Applications are invited all year round with an endeavor to accommodate the maximum number of candidates for a duration of a month extendable on a case to case basis. All applications will be considered on merit but precedence will be given to applications received earlier in point of time.

2.     Internship  

(a)      On the date of application candidates must have completed at least three years of consecutive University study enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate course at a University recognized by a Member State of AALCO; 

(b)      On the date of application candidates should have attended a minimum of twenty hours of classroom study in International Law or International Relations; and 

(c)     Applications for the internship must be sent two months prior to the requested date of joining complete along with a cover letter containing an expression of interest emphasizing reasons for favorable consideration of his/her application accompanied with an up to date curriculum vitae of the candidate. In the cover letter the candidate must provide for two preferences for the time period of the internship under application. All applications must be addressed to the Internship Coordinator, AALCO and must be sent either by email to or by post/by hand delivery at the Headquarters of AALCO, located at 29-C, Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi- 110021. Only selected candidates shall be contacted via email. Please refrain from making follow up phone calls/emails. 

(d)     In addition to the cover letter and curriculum vitae for a successful application, a letter of recommendation (scanned soft copy/hard copy) from a Asst./Assoc. Professor of International Law or International Relations/Head of the Department of the International Law or International Relations, Vice Chancellor of the University/Director or Dean of the University is also required to be furnished. 

(e)     The duration of the internship shall not be less than a period of four weeks.

(f)     All internship candidates are required to be dressed in formals during office hours at the Headquarters in addition to maintaining decorum and observing the working hours and guidelines of the internship. 

(g)    Internship candidates are required to cover their costs for transportation and stay in New Delhi for internship, as the Secretariat does not provide a stipend or monetary remuneration for the internship candidate. Internship Program Coordinater: Mr. Abraham Joseph (Legal Officer).


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