Liaison Officers


Liaison Officers Meeting 

Liaison Officers represent the Governments of Member States or Associate Participating States during the intervals between two sessions at the Headquarters of the AALCO Secretariat. Each of the Member States, as required by the Statute, nominates an officer, preferably one with legal experience. As a practice, they are usually diplomats at their missions in New Delhi.

The Liaison officers normally meet once every two months. The quorum of the meetings shall be one third of the total participating States.

The decisions at such meetings may be taken by a two-thirds majority of the Liaison officers present and voting. On substantive matters, the Liaison Officers shall consult their respective Governments before taking a decision and such decision shall be taken by consensus. Where there is disagreement on whether a decision to be taken by the Liaison Officers relate to a routine matters or a substantive matter, the ruling of the Secretary General thereon shall be final and conclusive. The Secretariat shall prepare the minutes of the meetings and sent to the Member States and Associate Participating States.

In the performance of his duties, the Secretary General shall act in consultation with the Liaison officers except in routine matters. The Secretary General shall report to the Liaison Officers at their meetings any action taken by him in this regard. 

To this end, three Advisory Panels of Liaison Officers have been established within the structure of Liaison officers. They are: Advisory Panel on the Amendment of the Statute and Statute Rules; Advisory Panel on Financial Matters and the Advisory Panel on The Center for Research and Training. 

List of the Liaison Officers